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Windshield Replacement Rocklin

If your car’s windshield has been damaged, it’s time to replace it. There are many varieties of glass, including AS1 and AS2. The contrast is that AS1 is designed for windshields and has a lower tint, allowing the driver to see more clearly. Today, most automobile glass is made of polyvinyl butyral or PVB. It is utilized for safety purposes to ensure that the windshield cracks rather than shatters. As a result, you may have seen PVB at work when your glass cracked but did not shatter. While your vehicle will continue to operate, its safety features will be compromised.

If your windshield is broken, you risk impairing your eyesight and jeopardizing your passive safety systems. Fortunately, your car is equipped with a variety of passive safety systems. However, we want you to understand that this is more than a visual handicap.

Windshields are made of tempered and shatterproof glass. They are constructed in layers. As a result, each layer has a distinct purpose in the windshield. To begin, the windshield’s lowest layers are composed of a polymer. Polymer is a rubber-based substance that gives structural strength and some resistance to impact. On the other hand, the intermediate layer is a thick sheet of tempered glass. This layer serves as the windshield’s primary structural support. Finally, an exterior layer of laminated glass contributes to the optical clarity.

The Procedure for Installing a Replacement Windshield

Windshield replacement is a relatively straightforward procedure. The existing glass must be removed. To do this, you will want specialized tools, expertise, and training. As a result, it is a procedure that a licensed specialist should perform. In detail, it requires the use of a wire removal instrument and specific procedures and compliance with FMVSS and AGRSS. However, not all businesses are educated in these requirements. Fortunately, the technicians at Rocklin Auto Glass Solutions are trained and qualified.

A windshield performs a variety of critical functions. Ultimately, these duties are integrated into the passive safety system standard on all vehicles. Consequently, the glass must be replaced with urethane that is bonded correctly to the pinch-weld and glass frit. As a result, failing to do so may result in the windshield’s passive safety systems malfunctioning when they are most required.

Important Considerations When Replacing Your Windshield

There are many aspects to consider while searching for windshield replacement services:

  1. Examine the make and model of the car you possess and if it requires ADAS calibration.
  2. Verify coverage with your insurance company.
  3. Do due diligence on the firm you want to cooperate with.

Windshields and car models are vastly different. As a result, not all windshield replacements are identical. Fortunately, our professionals at Rocklin Auto Glass Solutions will choose the suitable windshield for your automobile depending on the make and model of your vehicle.

Our specialists at Rocklin Auto Glass Solutions are not only competent and certified but also mobile. Additionally, we can come to your home or business to repair your windshield! As a result, by having us repair your windshield on the spot, you will save time and hassle. Call us!

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