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Rocklin, California Windshield Chip Repair

Windshield repair is needed any time you have a fair sized chip or fixable-sized crack in your windshield and happens to everyone. We understand from experience ourselves how road debris or a pesky pebble can ruin your day. Whether you have a horrible crack beginning to develop or a rock chip in the windshield of your family car or work vehicle that needs immediate repair, we are there to help. Rocklin Auto Glass Solutions repairs windshields on your vehicle at your location on-site with our mobile car glass services.

Chips and fractures develop over time due to exposure to road debris and temperature changes. Additionally, there will be significant impacts from pebbles, trees, and flying debris. While not all chips and cracks pose a safety danger, they also present visibility difficulties. Leaving a break in your glass may become a safety issue since the windshield is an integral element of your car’s passive safety system.

Rock chips are quite frequent and may be repaired quickly and inexpensively by a skilled technician. To begin, our professionals will inspect your car and determine the extent of the damage. Secondly, they will ascertain the chip’s depth and position. Finally, they will present you with a no-obligation quotation. Unfortunately, if the chip is bigger than a quarter, the technician will need to repair the windshield to comply with FMVSS and AGRSS.

How is a Glass Chip Filled?

The procedure for repairing chips in the windscreen is relatively straightforward. Your expert will fill in the chip or crack in the windshield using specialized equipment and epoxy resin, then clean the area around the chip or crack and restore it with an adhesive. After the area has dried, the technician will polish it to eliminate any remaining substance. However, a chip repair is only a stopgap repair. It is there to save our clients the expense of a complete windshield replacement. Unfortunately, the chip fix will still shatter the glass due to heating/cooling, road debris, and car chassis displacement. Contact us to get your windshield replaced with a fresh new one when that time arrives.

How Long Does It Take to Repair a Chip?

Repairing a chipped windshield normally can be fairly quick, usually less than 30 minutes. One element that increases the time required to fix a chip is if the windscreen is either too hot or too cold. If the temperature is too low, the epoxy will take longer to dry, and if it is too heated, the epoxy will not permeate deep enough into the chip due to its rapid solidification.

If you need chip repair, you may call us for a free quote – we may do a rapid evaluation over the phone and request that you give us a picture of the damage. After inspecting the damage, we can determine if a chip repair or glass replacement is the best course of action. Our objective is to provide you with the most competitive cost and the quickest turnaround time possible to put the problem behind you and get your vehicle back on the road looking like new!

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This image shows a chip in a windshield in Rocklin, California.
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